We'll Never Know for piano, violin, viola and celloListen8:12
Telescope II for piano and string quartetListen8:00
It is happening again for computer-generated soundListen11:52
Telescope for solo pianoListen9:37
Surveillance for computer-generated soundListen15:00
Flaring up from blackness for saxophone quartetListen8:24
The art of disappearing for computer-generated soundListen10:00
Through empty space for string quartetListen14:42
Daisy for computer-generated soundListen9:30
My life has been filled with terrible misfortune; most of which never happened for bass clarinet, violin, viola, cello, double bass & live electronicsListen8:16
Don't have any evidence for chamber ensembleListen8:41
"Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll" was never meant to be like this for computer-generated soundListen9:40
comment dire "En una noche oscura" for soprano, tenor & baritoneListen6:37
de nada sirve hacer planes for string orchestraListen7:25
Brazil for computer-generated soundListen8:00
De la incertidumbre for computer-generated sound
I. Y fue que le pareció convenible y necesarioListen9:28
II. InterludioListen11:28
III. ¿Qué gigantes?Listen6:00
My idea of fun for clarinet, percussion and violaListen6:20
Happy Birthday for computer-generated soundListen7:56
Alzado for chamber ensembleListen
frío for computer-generated soundListen
for saxophone, piano & vibraphoneListen9:21
ssst for computer-generated soundListen
hissoanji - in memoriam Ejo Takata for computer-generated soundListen38:02